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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2006Lifetimes of the metastable D3/2, 5/22 states in Ca+ , Sr+ , and Ba+Sahoo, B. K; Md. Islam, R; Das, B. P; Chaudhuri, R. K; Mukherjee, D
Oct-2003Magnetic dipole hyperfine interactions in 137Ba+ and the accuracies of the neutral weak interaction matrix elementsSahoo, B. K; Gopakumar, G; Chaudhuri, R. K; Das, B. P; Merlitz, H; Mahapatra, U. S; Mukherjee, D
Mar-2007Many-body effects in hyperfine interactions in 205Pb+Sonjoy, M; Sahoo, B. K; Chaudhuri, R. K; Das, B. P; Mukherjee, D
Aug-2001Many-body theory of the electric dipole moment of atomic ytterbiumDilip, A; Das, B. P; Perger, W. F; Samal, M. K; Geetha, K. P
Sep-2011Mean-field analysis of quantum phase transitions in a periodic optical superlatticeDhar, A; Singh, Manpreet; Rai, R. V; Das, B. P
May-2015Mercury monohalides: suitability for electron electric dipole moment searchesSrinivasa Prasannaa, V; Vutha, A. C; Abe, M; Das, B. P
Sep-2007A new formulation of the relativistic many-body theory of electric dipole moments of closed shell atomsLatha, K. V. P; Angom, D; Chaudhuri, R. K; Das, B. P; Mukherjee, D
Jul-2010Nuclear structure effects in parity non-conservation in heavy ionsPanda, P. K; Das, B. P
Jul-1998Nuclear-spin-dependent parity-nonconserving transitions in Ba/sup+ and Ra/sup+Geetha, K. P; Singh, A. D; Das, B. P; Unnikrishnan, C. S
2007Optical frequency standard with Sr+: a theoretical many-body approachSur, S; Latha, K. V. P; Chaudhuri, R. K; Das, B. P; Mukherjee, D
Dec-2010An overview of some experimental and theoretical aspects of fundamental symmetry violations in atomsBudker, D; Sahoo, B. K; Angom, D; Das, B. P
Oct-1999Parity non-conservation in atomic Yb arising from the nuclear anapole momentSingh, A. D; Das, B. P
Jul-2011Parity nonconservation in ytterbium ionSahoo, B. K; Das, B. P
Nov-2014Permanent electric dipole moment of strontium monofluoride as a test of the accuracy of a relativistic coupled-cluster methodSrinivasa Prasannaa, V; Abe, M; Das, B. P
Apr-2016Permanent electric dipole moments of alkaline-earth-metal monofluorides: Interplay of relativistic and correlation effectsSrinivasa Prasannaa, V; Sreerekha, S; Abe, M; Bannur, V. M; Das, B. P
Oct-2008Phase diagram of a bosonic ladder with two coupled chainsSethi Luthra, M; Mishra, T; Pai, R. V; Das, B. P
Jul-2007Phase separation in a two species Bose mixtureMishra, T; Pai Ramesh, V; Das, B. P
1995Present status of the theory of atomic electric dipole momentsDas, B. P
21-Aug-2009Probing CP violation with the electric dipole moment of atomic mercuryLatha, K. V. P; Angom, D; Das, B. P; Mukherjee, D
Jul-2014Quantum phases of attractive bosons on a Bose-Hubbard ladder with three-body constraintSingh, Manpreet; Mishra, T; Pai, Ramesh V; Das, B. P