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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jun-2015Investigation of helicity and energy flux transport in three emerging solar active regionsVemareddy, P
20-Nov-2013Low-Frequency Observations of Drifting, Non-Thermal Continuum Radio Emission Associated With the Solar Coronal Mass EjectionsRamesh, R; Kishore, P; Mulay, S. M; Barve, Indrajit V; Kathiravan, C; Wang, T. J
1-Sep-2016Comparison of Magnetic Properties in a Magnetic Cloud and Its Solar Source on 2013 April 11-14Vemareddy, P; Mostl, C; Amerstorfer, T; Mishra, W; Farrugia, C; Leitner, M
Aug-2016Analysis of sudden variations in photospheric magnetic fields during a large flare and their influences in the solar atmosphereBrajesh Kumar; Raja Bayanna, A; Venkatakrishnan, P; Kuchandy Mathew, S
20-Sep-2016Sunspot Rotation as a Driver of Major Solar Eruptions in the NOAA Active Region 12158Vemareddy, P; Cheng, X; Ravindra, B
Jan-2017Successive injection of opposite magnetic helicity in solar active region NOAA 11928Vemareddy, P; Demoulin, P
10-Jul-2017New Evidence for a Coronal Mass Ejection-driven High Frequency Type II Burst near the SunAnshu Kumari; Ramesh, R; Kathiravan, C; Gopalswamy, N
Dec-2017Signatures of the impact of flare-ejected plasma on the photosphere of a sunspot light bridgeFelipe, T; Collados, M; Khomenko, E; Rajaguru, S. P; Franz, M; Kuckein, C; Asensio Ramos, A
20-Nov-2015A full study on the Sun–Earth connection of an earth-directed CME magnetic flux ropeVemareddy, P; Mishra, W
Jul-2019Degree of electric current neutralization and the activity in solar active regionsVemareddy, P