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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jun-2015SN 2013ej: a type IIL supernova with weak signs of interactionBose, S; Sutaria, F. K; Kumar, B; Duggal, C; Misra, K; Brown, P. J; Singh, M; Dwarkadas, V; York, D. G; Chakraborti, S; Chandola, H. C; Dahlstrom, J; Ray, A; Safonova, M
29-Nov-2013Some Consequences of a Universal Tension Arising from Dark Energy for Structures from Atomic Nuclei to Galaxy ClustersSivaram, C; Arun, K; Kiren, O. V
Feb-2017Structural analysis of star-forming blue early-type galaxies Merger-driven star formation in elliptical galaxiesGeorge, K
2012Recent star formation history of the Large and Small Magellanic CloudsIndu, G; Subramaniam, A
Apr-2017Core shift effect in blazarsAgarwal, A; Mohan, P; Gupta, A. C; Mangalam, A; Volvach, A. E; Aller, M. F; Aller, H. D; Gu, M. F; Lahteenmaki, A; Tornikoski, M; Volvach, L. N
2013Stellar populations in the magellanic cloudsSubramanian, S; Subramaniam, A
10-Sep-2011Star Formation Activity in the Galactic H II Complex S255-S257Ojha, D. K; Samal, M. R; Pandey, A. K; Bhatt, B. C; Ghosh, S. K; Sharma, S; Tamura, M; Mohan, V; Zinchenko, I
1-May-2015The high-redshift blazar S5 0836+71: a broadband studyPaliya, Vaidehi S
2012Star formation in bulgeless late type spiral GalaxiesMousumi Das; Ramya, S; Sengupta, C; Mishra, K
Mar-2015Probing the physics of narrow line regions in active galaxies. II. the siding spring southern seyfert spectroscopic snapshot survey (S7)Dopita, M. A; Shastri, P; Davies, R; Kewley, L; Hampton, E; Scharwächter, J; Sutherland, R; Kharb, P; Jose, J; Bhatt, H. C; Ramya, S; Jin, C; Banfield, J; Zaw, I; Juneau, S; James, B; Shweta Srivastava