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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2010Detection of IMBHs from microlensing in globular clustersSafonova, M; Stalin, C. S
Jun-2010Determination of the mean HI absorption of the intergalactic mediumAghaee, A; Petitjean, P; Srianand, R; Stalin, C. S; Guimaraes, R
Dec-2010The WIRCAM Deep Infrared Cluster Survey I. Groups and clusters at z  ≳  1.1Bielby, R. M; Finoguenov, A; Tanaka, M; McCracken, H. J; Daddi, E; Hudelot, P; Ilbert, O; Kneib, J. P; Le Fèvr, O; Mellier, Y; Nandra, K; Petitjean, P; Srianand, R; Stalin, C. S; Willott, C. J
Jan-2010Optical identification of XMM sources in the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope legacy surveyStalin, C. S; Petitjean, P; Srianand, R; Fox, A. J; Coppolani, F; Schwope, A
Aug-2015H0 from ten well-measured time delay lensesRathna Kumar, S; Stalin, C. S; Prabhu, T. P
May-2011X-ray and optical properties of broad absorption line quasars in the Canada–France–Hawaii Telescope Legacy SurveyStalin, C. S; Srianand, R; Petitjean, P
Sep-2012Tests and calibration on ultra violet imaging telescope (UVIT)Amit Kumar; Ghosh, S. K; Kamath, P. U; Postma, Joe; Kathiravan, S; Mahesh, P. K; Nagbhushana, S; Navalgund, K. H; Rajkumar, N; Rao, M. N; Sarma, K. S; Sriram, S; Stalin, C. S; Tandon, S. N
May-2013COSMOGRAIL: the COSmological MOnitoring of GRAvItational Lenses*,**, XII. Time delays of the doubly lensed quasars SDSS J1206+4332 and HS 2209+1914Eulaers, E; Tewes, M; Magain, P; Courbin, F; Asfandiyarov, I; Ehgamberdiev, S; Rathna Kumar, S; Stalin, C. S; Prabhu, T. P; Meylan, G; Van Winckel, H
Sep-2013COSMOGRAIL: the COSmological MOnitoring of GRAvItational Lenses. XIV. Time delay of the doubly lensed quasar SDSS J1001+5027Rathna Kumar, S; Tewes, M; Stalin, C. S; Courbin, F; Asfandiyarov, I; Meylan, G; Eulaers, E; Prabhu, T. P; Magain, P; Van Winckel, H; Ehgamberdiev, Sh
Sep-2013On the Photometric Error Calibration for the Differential Light Curves of Point-like Active Galactic NucleiGoyal, Arti; Mhaskey, Mukul; Gopal-Krishna; Witta, P. J; Stalin, C. S; Sagar, R