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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Evolution of coronal helicity in a twisted emerging active regionRavindra, B; Longcope, D. W
2010A Dual Fabry-Perot based imaging Spectrometer for the National Large Solar TelescopeRavindra, B; Banyal, R. K
Dec-2010Comparison of energies between eruptive phenomena and magnetic field in AR 10930Ravindra, B; Howard, T. A
Aug-2011Thermal characteristics of a classical solar telescope primary mirrorBanyal, R. K; Ravindra, B
10-Dec-2011Evolution of Spinning and Braiding Helicity Fluxes in Solar Active Region NOAA 10930Ravindra, B; Yoshimura, K; Dasso, S
Aug-2013Dynamics of coronal bright points as seen by Sun watcher using active pixel system detector and image processing (SWAP), atmospheric imaging assembly (AIA), and helioseismic and magnetic imager (HMI)Chandrashekhar, K; Krishna Prasad, S; Banerjee, D; Ravindra, B; Seaton, D. B
1-Aug-2012Development of a temperature controller for the order-sorting interference filtersBanyal, R. K; Ravindra, B
2012Solar G-band observations at Merak, Leh/LadakhVasantharaju, N; Dorjey, N; Ravindra, B; Prabhu, K; Rangarajan, K. E; Prabhu Ramkumar, B; Sankarasubramanian, K
Feb-2014On the line profile changes observed during the X2.2 class flare in the active region NOAA 11158Bayanna, A. R; Kumar, B; Venkatakrishnan, P; Mathew, S. K; Ravindra, B; Mathur, S; Garcia, R. A
Jan-2014Long Term Variations in Chromospheric Features from Ca-K Images at KodaikanalPriyal, M; Singh, J; Ravindra, B; Priya, T. G; Amareswari, K