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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Statistical detection of propagating waves in a polar coronal holeGupta, G. R; O'Shea, E; Banerjee, D; Popescu, M; Doyle, J. G
Feb-2014The dynamical behaviour of a jet in an on-disk coronal hole observed with AIA/SDOChandrashekhar, K; Morton, R. J; Banerjee, D; Gupta, G. R
20-Jul-2010Accelerating waves in polar coronal holes as seen by EIS and SUMERGupta, G. R; Banerjee, D; Teriaca, L; Imada, S; Solanki, S
Jul-2011Propagating MHD waves in coronal holesBanerjee, D; Teriaca, L; Gupta, G. R
25-Jan-2011Proposed visible emission line space solar coronagraphSingh, J; Prasad, B. R; Venkatakrishnan, P; Sankarasubramanian, K; Banerjee, D; Bayanna, R; Mathew, S; Murthy, J; Subramaniam, P; Ramesh, R; Kathiravan, S; Nagabhushana, S; Mahesh, P. K; Manoharan, P. K; Uddin, W; Sriram, S; Amit Kumar; Srivastava, N; Koteswara Rao; Nagendra, C. L; Chakraborty, P; Sriram, K. V; Venkateswaran, R; Krishnamurthy, T; Sreekumar, P; Sarma, K. S; Murthy, R; Navalgund, K. H; Samudraiah, D. R. M; Narayan Babu, P; Patra, A
Jan-2013Nature of quiet Sun oscillations using data from the hinode, TRACE, and SOHO spacecraftGupta, G. R; Subramanian, S; Banerjee, D; Madjarska, M. S; Doyle, J. G
2010Waves in polar coronal holesBanerjee, D
Apr-2011Propagating intensity disturbances in polar corona as seen from AIA/SDOKrishna Prasad, S; Banerjee, D; Gupta, G. R
1-Jul-2015Dynamics of on-disk plumes as observed with the interface region imaging spectrograph, the atmospheric imaging assembly, and the helioseismic and magnetic imagerPant, V; Dolla, L; Mazumder, R; Banerjee, D; Krishna Prasad, S; Vemareddy, P
Jun-2015Correlation between decay rate and amplitude of solar cycles as revealed from observations and dynamo theoryHazra, G; Karak, B. B; Banerjee, D; Choudhuri, A. R