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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2001Ring Diagram Analysis of the Characteristics of Solar Oscillation Modes in Active RegionsRajaguru, S. P; Basu, S; Antia, H. M
Mar-2002Metric Radio Observations and Ray-tracing Analysis of the Onset Phase of a Solar Eruptive EventKathiravan, C; Ramesh, R; Subramanian, K. R
Jul-2005Identification of the Source Region of a ``Halo'' Coronal Mass Ejection Using Meter-Wavelength Radio DataKathiravan, C; Ramesh, R
Oct-2004Modulation in the solar irradiance due to surface magnetism during cycles 21, 22 and 23Jain, K; Hasan, S. S
Jun-2005An Interpretation of the Differences in the Solar Differential Rotation during Even and Odd Sunspot CyclesJavaraiah, J; Bertello, L; Ulrich, R. K
Jul-2004Estimation of the Three-Dimensional Space Speed of a Coronal Mass Ejection Using Metric Radio DataKathiravan, C; Ramesh, R
Sep-2001Decameter Wavelength Observations of an Absorption Burst from the Sun and Its Association with an X2.0/3B Flare and the Onset of a ``Halo'' Coronal Mass EjectionRamesh, R; Ebenezer, E
Feb-2001Low-Frequency Radio Observations of the Angular Broadening of the Crab Nebula Due to a Coronal Mass EjectionRamesh, R; Kathiravan, C; Sastry, Ch. V
Oct-2004Comparison of GONG and MDI sound-speed anomalies beneath two active regionsHughes, S. J; Rajaguru, S. P; Thompson, M. J
Mar-2003Metric observations of transient, quasi-periodic radio emission from the solar corona in association with a ``halo'' CME and an ``EIT wave'' eventRamesh, R; Kathiravan, C; Satya Narayanan, A; Ebenezer, E