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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2010Generalization of the last scattering approximation for the second solar spectrum modeling: the Ca i 4227 å line as a case studyAnusha, L. S; Nagendra, K. N; Stenflo, J. O; Bianda, M; Sampoorna, M; Frisch, H; Holzreuter, R; Ramelli, R
Oct-2013Properties of High-Frequency Wave Power Halos Around Active Regions: An Analysis of Multi-height Data from HMI and AIA Onboard SDORajaguru, S. P; Couvidat, S; Sun, Xudong; Hayashi, K; Schunker, H
Mar-2011Spectral line polarization with angle-dependent partial frequency redistribution. II. Accelerated lambda iteration and scattering expansion methods for the Rayleigh scatteringSampoorna, M; Nagendra, K. N; Frisch, H
20-Apr-2011m-state Interference with Partial Frequency Redistribution for Polarized Line Formation in Arbitrary Magnetic FieldsSampoorna, M
1-Sep-2011Polarized Line Formation in Multi-dimensional Media. III. Hanle Effect with Partial Frequency RedistributionAnusha, L. S; Nagendra, K. N
Aug-2011Spectral line polarization with angle-dependent partial frequency redistribution III. Single scattering approximation for the Hanle effectSampoorna, M
Oct-2011Stokes Diagnostics of Magneto-Acoustic Wave Propagation in the Magnetic Network on the SunVigeesh, G; Steiner, O; Hasan, S. S
Aug-2011Magnetohydrostatic equilibrium in starspots: dependences on color (Teff) and surface gravity (g)Rajaguru, S. P; Hasan, S. S
10-Aug-2012Three-dimensional simulations of magnetohydrodynamic waves in magnetized solar atmosphereVigeesh, G; Fedun, V; Hasan, S. S; Erdelyi, R
20-Apr-2013Multi-dimensional Radiative Transfer to Analyze Hanle Effect in Ca II K Line at 3933 ÅAnusha, L. S; Nagendra, K. N