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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994UBVRI CCD photometry of the two southern galactic star clusters Berkeley 79 and Trumpler 11Sagar, R; Cannon, R. D
1999Optical follow up of the GRB 990123 sources from UPSO, Naini TalSagar, R; Pandey, A. K; Mohan, V; Yadav, R. K. S; Nilakshi; Bhattacharya, D; Castro-Tirado, A. J
1999BVRI CCD photometric standards in the field of GRB 990123Nilakshi; Yadav, R. K. S; Mohan, V; Pandey, A. K; Sagar, R
2000GRB 000301C with peculiar afterglow emissionSagar, R; Mohan, V; Pandey, S. B; Pandey, A. K; Stalin, C. S; Castro-Tirado, A. J
2001Optical and radio observations of the bright GRB 010222 afterglow: evidence for rapid synchrotron cooling ?Sagar, R; Stalin, C. S; Bhattacharya, D; Pandey, S. B; Mohan, V; Castro-Tirado, A. J; Pramesh Rao, A; Trushkin, S. A; Nizhelskij, N. A; Bremer, M; Castro Ceron, J. M
2003Optical observations of the bright long duration peculiar GRB 021004 afterglow.Pandey, S. B; Sahu, D. K; Resmi, L; Sagar, R; Anupama, G. C; Bhattacharya, D; Mohan, V; Prabhu, T. P; Bhatt, B. C; Pandey, J. C; Parihar, P. S; Castro-Tirado, A. J
2001UPSO three channel fast photometerGupta, S. K; Sagar, R; Joshi, S; Ashoka, B. N; Babu, V. C; Seetha, S; Girish, V
2002Observations of GRB afterglows from Nainital : Evidence in favour of jet modelSagar, R
2001A deep V I CCD photometric study of the neglected galactic star cluster NGC 6631Sagar, R; Naidu, B. N; Mohan, V
2003SN 2002ap, the Hypernova of Class IcPandey, S. B; Sahu, D. K; Anupama, G. C; Bhattacharya, D; Sagar, R