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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2003A Revised Calibration of the M-V-W(O I 7774) Relationship using Hipparcos Data: Its Application to Cepheids and Evolved StarsFerro, A. A; Giridhar, S; Arellano, E. R
Mar-1989An internally consistent set of oscillator strengths for Fe I linesGiridhar, S; Ferro, A. A
Apr-1989A photometric study of F-type stars of high galactic latitudeFerro, A. A; Giridhar, S; Chavez, M; Parrao, L
Aug-1988Comments on the variability and physical parameters of the F supergiant Phi CassiopeiaeFerro, A. A; Parrao, L; Giridhar, S
Oct-2008A new search for variable stars in the globular cluster NGC 6366Ferro, A. A; Giridhar, S; Lopez, V. R; Figuera, R; Bramich, D. M; Rosenzweig, P
Jul-2013Estimating the parameters of globular cluster M 30 (NGC 7099) from time-series photometryKains, N; Bramich, D. M; Ferro, A. A; Jaimes, R. F; Jorgensen, U. G; Giridhar, S; Penny, M. T; Alsubai, K. A; Andersen, J. M; Bozza, V; Browne, P; Burgdorf, M; Novati, S. C; Damerdji, Y; Diehl, C; Dodds, P; Dominik, M; Elyiv, A; Fang, X.-S; Giannini, E; Gu, S.-H; Hardis, S; Harpsoe, K; Hinse, T. C; Hornstrup, A; Hundertmark, M; Jessen-Hansen, J; Juncher, D; Kerins, E; Kjeldsen, H; Korhonen, H; Liebig, C; Lund, M. N; Lundkvist, M; Mancini, L; Martin, R; Mathiasen, M; Rabus, M; Rahvar, S; Ricci, D; Sahu, K; Scarpetta, G; Skottfelt, J; Snodgrass, C; Southworth, J; Surdej, J; Tregloan-Reed, J; Vilela, C; Wertz, O; Williams, A
Dec-2013Variable Stars in the Globular Cluster NGC 288: [Fe/H] and DistanceFerro, A. A; Bramich, D. M; Giridhar, S; Jaimes, R. F; Kains, N; Kuppuswamy, K
May-2016RR Lyrae stars and the horizontal branch of NGC 5904 (M5)Ferro, A. A; Luna, A; Bramich, D. M; Giridhar, S; Ahumada, J. A; Muneer, S
Apr-2018The variable star population in the globular cluster NGC 6934Yepez, M. A; Ferro, A. A; Muneer, S; Giridhar, S
Aug-2019Variable stars in Palomar 13; an evaporating globular clusterYepez, M. A; Ferro, A. A; Schoeder, K. P; Muneer, S; Giridhar, S; Allen, C