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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2010An overview of some experimental and theoretical aspects of fundamental symmetry violations in atomsBudker, D; Sahoo, B. K; Angom, D; Das, B. P
3-Dec-2013Correlation Trends in the Ground-State Static Electric Dipole Polarizabilities of Closed-Shell Atoms and IonsSingh, Y; Sahoo, B. K; Das, B. P
Apr-2014Relativistic equation-of-motion coupled-cluster method: Application to closed-shell atomic systemsPathak, H; Sahoo, B. K; Das, B. P; Vaval, N; Pal, S
Mar-2014Ab initio determination of the P- and T-violating coupling constants in atomic Xe by the relativistic-coupled-cluster methodSingh, Y; Sahoo, B. K; Das, B. P
Jul-2014Relativistic equation-of-motion coupled-cluster method for the double-ionization potentials of closed-shell atomsPathak, H; Ghosh, A; Sahoo, B. K; Das, B. P; Vaval, N; Pal, S
20-May-2011Reappraisal of the Electric Dipole Moment Enhancement Factor for ThalliumNataraj, H. S; Sahoo, B. K; Das, B. P; Mukherjee, D
Apr-2013Reliability test for the experimental results of electric-quadrupole hyperfine-structure constants and assessment of nuclear quadrupole moments in 135Ba and 137BaSahoo, B. K; Barrett, M. D; Das, B. P
Jul-2011Parity nonconservation in ytterbium ionSahoo, B. K; Das, B. P
Jul-2011Transition properties of low-lying states in atomic indiumSahoo, B. K; Das, B. P
14-Jun-2015A relativistic equation-of-motion coupled-cluster investigation of the trends of single and double ionization potentials in the He and Be isoelectronic systemsPathak, H; Sahoo, B. K; Das, B. P; Vaval, N; Pal, S