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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2019A VLA–GMRT look at 11 powerful FR ii quasarsVaddi, Sravani; Kharb, P; Daly, R. A; O’Dea, C. P; Baum, S. A; Deo, D.K; Barbusca, T.C; Murali, Chintak
Mar-2019Chemical compositions of giants in the Hyades and Sirius superclustersRamya, P; Reddy, B. E; Lambert, D. L
20-Feb-2019Very fast helicity injection leading to critically stable state and large eruptive activity in solar active region NOAA 12673Vemareddy, P
Apr-2019Study of X-ray variability and coronae of Seyfert galaxies using NuSTARPriyanka Rani; Stalin, C. S; Goswami, K. D
Sep-2018Interstellar extinction determination with Gaia DR2Malkov, O. Yu; Dluzhnevskaya, O. B; Zhao, G; Zhukov, A.O; Karpov, S. V; Kniazev, A.Y; Kovaleva, D. A; Murthy, J; Mickaelian, A. M; Mironov, A. V; Sichevsky, S. G; Sytov, A.Yu; Chulkov, D. A
10-Apr-2019Polarimetric and photometric investigation of the dark globule LDN 1225: distance, extinction law, and magnetic fieldsEswaraiah, C; Lai, Shih-Ping; Ma, Yuehui; Anil K. Pandey; Jose, J; Chen, Zhiwei; Samal, M. R; Wang, Jia-Wei; Sharma, S; Ojha, D. K
20-Mar-2019Signature of extended solar cycles as detected from Ca ii K synoptic maps of Kodaikanal and Mount Wilson ObservatoryChatterjee, Subhamoy; Banerjee, D; McIntosh, S.W; Leamon, Robert J; Dikpati, Mausumi; Srivastava, Abhishek K; Bertello, L
1-Apr-2019Formation and eruption of sigmoidal satructure from a weak field region of NOAA 11942Vasantharaju, N; Vemareddy, P; Ravindra, B; Doddamani, V. H
Mar-2019Characteristics of the solar coronal line profiles from Fabry–Perot interferometric observationsMaya Prabhakar; Raju, K. P; Chandrasekhar, T
Aug-2019Variable stars in Palomar 13; an evaporating globular clusterYepez, M. A; Ferro, A. A; Schoeder, K. P; Muneer, S; Giridhar, S; Allen, C