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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2018The double dust envelopes of R coronae borealis starsMontiel, Edward J; Clayton, G. C; Sugerman, B. E. K.; Evans, A.; Garcia-Hernandez, D. A; Kameswara Rao, N; Matsuura, M; Tisserand, P
Sep-2018UVIT imaging of WLM: demographics of star-forming regions in the nearby dwarf irregular galaxyMondal, Chayan; Subramaniam, A; George, K
10-Sep-2018High-resolution spectroscopy of the relatively hydrogen-poor metal-rich giants in the globular cluster ω centauriHema, B. P; Pandey, G; Srianand, R
Apr-2018Consequences of high effective prandtl number on solar differential rotation and convective velocityKarak, B. B; Miesch, Mark; Bekki, Y
Oct-2018Extremal charged black holes, dark matter and dark energySivaram, C; Arun, K; Prasad, A
1-Jun-2018Chemical Composition of Two Bright, Extremely Metal-poor Stars from the SDSS MARVELS Pre-surveyBandyopadhyay, A; Sivarani, T; Susmitha, A; Beers, T. C; Giridhar, S; Arun Surya; Masseron, T
May-2017Kodaikanal digitized white-light data archive (1921–2011): Analysis of various solar cycle featuresMandal, Sudip; Hegde, M; Samanta, T; Hazra, G; Banerjee, D; Ravindra, B
Aug-2018Temporal and Latitudinal Variations of the Length-Scales and Relative Intensities of the Chromospheric NetworkRaju, K. P
2017Description of C2 dissociation using a naive treatment of dynamical correlation in the presence of quasidegeneracy of varying degreeRay, S. S; Manna, S; Chaudhuri, R. K; Chattopadhyay, S
1-Jul-2018Polarization of Trappist-1 by the Transit of Its PlanetsSengupta, S