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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Aug-2018Helioseismic inversion to infer the depth profile of solar meridional flow using spherical born kernelsMandal, K; Hanasoge, S. M; Rajaguru, S. P; Antia, H. M
Oct-2018ASASSN-14dq: A fast-declining type II-P Supernova in a low-luminosity host galaxySingh, A; Srivastav, S; Brajesh Kumar; Anupama, G. C; Sahu, D. K
20-Aug-2018Minkowski tensors in three dimensions: probing the anisotropy generated by redshift space distortionAppleby, S; Pravabati, C; Park, C; Yogendran, K. P; Joby, P. K
Aug-2018The inner coronagraph on board ADITYA-L1 and automatic detection of CMEsBanerjee, D; Ritesh Patel; Pant, V; ADITYA Team
Aug-2018Photometry and spectroscopy of II Peg, IM Peg and UX AriDar, A. A; Parihar, P. S; Malik, M. A
Dec-2018Characterization of the HD 219134 multi-planet system I. Observations of stellar magnetism, wind, and high-energy fluxFolsom, C. P.; Fossati, L; Wood, B. E; Sreejith, A. G; Cubillos, P. E; Vidotto, A. A; Alecian, E; Girish, V; Lichtenegger, H; Murthy, J; Petit, P; Valyavin, G
Oct-2018The recent signs of total column ozone recovery over mid-latitudes: the effects of the montreal protocol mandateShantikumar, N. S; Vemareddy, P; Song, H.-J
Aug-2018Star clusters in the magellanic clouds II. age-dating, classification, and spatio-temporal distribution of the SMC clustersPrasanta Kumar Nayak; Subramaniam, A; Choudhury, Samyaday; Sagar, R
Oct-2018The double dust envelopes of R coronae borealis starsMontiel, Edward J; Clayton, G. C; Sugerman, B. E. K.; Evans, A.; Garcia-Hernandez, D. A; Kameswara Rao, N; Matsuura, M; Tisserand, P
Sep-2018UVIT imaging of WLM: demographics of star-forming regions in the nearby dwarf irregular galaxyMondal, Chayan; Subramaniam, A; George, K