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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-May-2016Abundance analysis of SDSS J134338.67+484426.6; an extremely metal-poor star from the MARVELS pre-surveySusmitha Rani, A; Sivarani, T; Beers, T. C; Fleming, S; Mahadevan, S; Ge, J
Dec-2011Searches for Metal-poor Stars from the Hamburg/ESO Survey Using the CH G BandPlacco, V. M; Kennedy, C. R; Beers, T. C; Christlieb, N; Rossi, S; Sivarani, T; Lee, Young Sun; Reimers, D; Wisotzki, L
Jan-2012Comprehensive abundance analysis of red giants in the open clusters NGC 752, 1817, 2360 and 2506Reddy, A. B. S; Giridhar, S; Lambert, D. L
1-Jun-2013Comprehensive abundance analysis of red giants in the open clusters NGC 2527, 2682, 2482, 2539, 2335, 2251 and 2266Reddy, A. B. S; Giridhar, S; Lambert, D. L
1-Oct-2014On the Binary Helium Star DY Centauri: Chemical Composition and Evolutionary StatePandey, G; Kameswara Rao, N; Jeffery, C. S; Lambert, D. L
11-Jan-2016Photometric metallicity map of the large magellanic cloudChoudhury, Samyaday; Subramaniam, A; Cole, A. A
Oct-2014Spectroscopic analysis of four post-AGB candidatesMolina, R. E; Giridhar, S; Pereira, C. B; Arellano Ferro, A; Muneer, S
1-Jan-2016Subaru/HDS study of CH stars: elemental abundances for stellar neutron-capture process studiesGoswami, A; Aoki, W; Drisya, K
Mar-2016New determination of abundances and stellar parameters for a set of weak G-band starsPalacios, A; Jasniewicz, G; Masseron, T; Thevenin, F; Itam-Pasquet, J; Parthasarathy, M
Apr-2017CCD time-series photometry of variable stars in globular clusters and the metallicity dependence of the horizontal branch luminosityArellano Ferro, A; Bramich, D. M; Giridhar, S