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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2005Stochastic polarized line formation. I. Zeeman propagation matrix in a random magnetic fieldFrisch, H; Sampoorna, M; Nagendra, K. N
Feb-2004Polarization of line radiation in the presence of external electric quadrupole and uniform magnetic fieldsOo, Y. Y; Nagendra, K. N; Ananthamurthy, S; Vijayashankar, R; Ramachandran, G
Dec-2000An Operator Perturbation Method of Polarized Line Transfer V. Diagnosis of Solar Weak Magnetic FieldsNagendra, K. N; Frisch, H; Faurobeet-Scholl, M; Paletou, F
Apr-1998An operator perturbation method for polarized line transfer. III. Applications to the Hanle effect in 1D mediaNagendra, K. N; Frisch, H; Faurobert-Scholl, M
Jul-2009The hanle effect in a random magnetic field: dependence of the polarization on statistical properties of the magnetic fieldFrisch, H; Anusha, L. S; Sampoorna, M; Nagendra, K. N
10-Jul-2009Origin of spatial variations of scattering polarization in the wings of the Ca I 4227 Å lineSampoorna, M; Stenflo, J. O; Nagendra, K. N; Bianda, M; Ramelli, R; Anusha, L. S
1-Aug-2010Generalization of the last scattering approximation for the second solar spectrum modeling: the Ca i 4227 å line as a case studyAnusha, L. S; Nagendra, K. N; Stenflo, J. O; Bianda, M; Sampoorna, M; Frisch, H; Holzreuter, R; Ramelli, R
10-Jan-2011Polarized line formation in multi-dimensional media-II: A fast method to solve problems with partial frequency redistributionAnusha, L. S; Nagendra, K. N; Paletou, F
2009Polarization : proving ground for methods in radiative transferNagendra, K. N; Anusha, L. S; Sampoorna, M
1-Jan-2011Polarized line formation in Multi-dimensional media-I: Decomposition of Stokes parameters in arbitrary geometriesAnusha, L. S; Nagendra, K. N