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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Sep-2015Frequency-dependent core shifts and parameter estimation for the blazar 3C 454.3Mohan, Prashanth; Agarwal, A; Mangalam, A; Gupta, A. C; Wiita, P. J; Volvach, A. E; Aller, M. F; Aller, H. D; Gu, M. F; Lahteenmaki, A; Tornikoski, M; Volvach, L. N
21-Oct-2013Improved characterization of intranight optical variability of prominent AGN classesGoyal, A; Gopal-Krishna; Wiita, P. J; Stalin, C. S; Sagar, R
Sep-2011Rapid optical variability of TeV blazarsGopal-Krishna; Goyal, A; Joshi, S; Karthick, C; Sagar, R; Wiita, P. J; Anupama, G. C; Sahu, D. K
1-Jul-2015A multiwavelength study of three hybrid blazarsStanley, E. C; Kharb, P; Lister, M. L; Marshall, H. L; O'Dea, C; Baum, S
10-Oct-2015The extreme ultraviolet deficit: jet connection in the quasar 1442+101Punsly, B; Marziani, P; Kharb, P; O'Dea, C. P; Vestergaard, M
Nov-2017A peculiar multiwavelength flare in the blazar 3C 454.3Gupta, A. C; Mangalam, A; Wiita, J. Paul; Kushwaha, P; Gaur, H; Zhang, H; Gu, M. F; Liao, M; Dewangan, G. C; Ho, L. C; Mohan, P; Umeura, M; Sasada, M; Volvach, A. E; Agarwal, A; Aller, M. F; Aller, H. D; Bachev, R; Lahteenmaki, A; Semkov, E; Strigachev, A; Tornikoski, M; Volvach, L. N
Nov-2017Unusual long-term low-activity states of EGRET blazars in the Fermi eraBhattacharya, Debbijoy; Mohana A, K; Gulati, S; Bhattacharyya, Subir; Bhatt, N; Sreekumar, P; Stalin, C. S
20-Jun-2014Spitzer Mid-IR Spectroscopy of Powerful 2JY and 3CRR Radio Galaxies. II. AGN Power Indicators and UnificationDicken, D; Tadhunter, C; Morganti, R; Axon, D; Robinson, A; Magagnoli, M; Kharb, P; Almeida, C. R; Mingo, B; Hardcastle, M; Nesvadba, N. P. H; Singh, V; Kouwenhoven, M. B. N; Rose, M; Spoon, H; Inskip, K. J; Holt, J
10-Aug-2014Probing the Active Massive Black Hole Candidate in the Center of NGC 404 with VLBIParagi, Z; Frey, S; Kaaret, P; Cseh, D; Overzier, R; Kharb, P
20-Aug-2014X-ray variability and the inner region in active galactic nucleiMohan, Prashanth; Mangalam, A