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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Dec-2013Correlation Trends in the Ground-State Static Electric Dipole Polarizabilities of Closed-Shell Atoms and IonsSingh, Y; Sahoo, B. K; Das, B. P
11-Jul-2013Young stellar population and ongoing star formation in the H ii complex Sh2-252Jose, J; Pandey, A. K; Samal, M. R; Ojha, D. K; Ogura, K; Kim, J. S; Kobayashi, N; Goyal, A; Chauhan, N; Eswaraiah, C
Mar-2013Giant Low Surface Brightness Galaxies: Evolution in IsolationMousumi Das
21-Jul-2013One year of monitoring of the Type IIb supernova SN 2011dhSahu, D. K; Anupama, G. C; Chakradhari, N. K
25-Jul-2013Robust inversion of carbon dioxide fluxes over temperate Eurasia in 2006–2008 (201)Swathi, P. S; Indira, N. K; Rayner, P. J; Ramonet, M; Jagadheesha, D; Bhatt, B. C; Gaur, V. K
2013Trend in IIA research output; link to NKRC resourcesBirdie, C; Mohan, B. S; Prabahar, P
2013Indian Institute of Astrophysics Academic Report: 2012-13Hasan, S. S; Das, B. P
Aug-2013Dynamics of coronal bright points as seen by Sun watcher using active pixel system detector and image processing (SWAP), atmospheric imaging assembly (AIA), and helioseismic and magnetic imager (HMI)Chandrashekhar, K; Krishna Prasad, S; Banerjee, D; Ravindra, B; Seaton, D. B
Oct-2013Properties of High-Frequency Wave Power Halos Around Active Regions: An Analysis of Multi-height Data from HMI and AIA Onboard SDORajaguru, S. P; Couvidat, S; Sun, Xudong; Hayashi, K; Schunker, H
Feb-2013Residual foreground contamination in the WMAP data and bias in non-Gaussianity estimationPravabati, C; Park, C