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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Numerical Methods for Solving the Polarized Line Transfer Equations with Partial Frequency RedistributionNagendra, K. N; Frisch, H; Fluri, D. M
2001The Hanle Effect with Angle Dependent Redistribution FunctionsFrisch, H; Faurobert, M; Nagendra, K. N
2003Some Equations of Discrete Space Method (DSM) for Polarized Line TransferNagendra, K. N
20-Jul-2006O VI Asymmetry and an Accelerated Outflow in an Obscured Seyfert: FUSE and HST STIS Spectroscopy of Mrk 533Shastri, P; Murthy, J; Whittle, Mark; Wills, B. J
Sep-2006Spectroscopic Studies of Solar Corona VI: Trend in Line-width Variation of Coronal Emission Lines with Height Independent of the Structure of Coronal LoopsSingh, J; Sakurai, T; Ichimoto, K; Muneer, S
Sep-2004A model of the stellar radiation field in the UVSujatha, N. V; Chakraborty, P; Murthy, J; Henry, R. C
2004IRAS 05436-007Maheswar, G; Bhatt, H. C
Apr-2006Elemental abundance survey of the galactic thick discReddy, B. E; Lambert, D. L; Prieto, Carlos Allende
May-2006The PHEMU97 catalogue of observations of the mutual phenomena of the Galilean satellites of JupiterArlot, J. -E; Thuillot, T; Ruatti, C; Akasawa, A; Baroni, S; Beisker, W; Berthier, J; Blanco, C; Boonstra, J; Bourgeois, J; Bulder, H; Casas, R; Castano, J. G; Colas, F; Collins, D; Cuypers, J; Czech, W; D'Ambrosio, V; Denzau, H; Descamps, P; Dimitrescu, A; Dinakarian, N; Dourneau, G; Enriquez, J. M; Fernandez, J. M; Fernandez-Barba, D; Flatres, T; Goncalves, M; Guhl, K; Helmer, G; Hirose, T; Irsmambetova, T. R; Krobusek, B. A; Lecacheux, J; Le Campion, J.-F; Lou, M; Mallama, A; Nelson, P; Okura, N; Park, J; Pauwels, T; Pluchino, S; Priban, V; Rapaport, M; Sacré, J.-J; Salvaggio, F; Sanchez, M. A; Sanchez-Bajo, F; Stefanescu, G; Tanga, P; Tejfel, V. G; Trisan, J. L; Trunkovsky, E. M; Vandenbulcke, G; Vasundhara, R; Vass, G; Vingerhoets, P; Vu, D. T; Wilds, R. T
Nov-2000The Physical Conditions in a Polar Coronal Hole and Nearby Regions from Norikura and SOHO ObservationsRaju, K. P; Sakurai, T; Ichimoto, K; Singh, J