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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Photography of Solar Corona Using Indian Air Force AeroplaneSehgal, N. K; Ramani, M; Cowsik, R; Singh, J; Shukla, A. K (Wg. Cdr.); Ravi Shekar (Sqn. Ldr.); Narayana, P. V. S (Fg. Offr); Shaji, P. K (Fg. Offr.); Paul, S. K (Fg. Offr.); Shelkey, S. N (J.W.O); Babu, K. R (J.W.O); Kamble, V. B
1997High Resolution Multislit Spectroscopy of Solar Corona in two lines during the Total Solar Eclipse of Oct. 24, 1995Singh, J; Gupta, S. S; Cowsik, R
Nov-1985Broad Band Photometry of the Solar Corona of 1983, June 11Sivaraman, K. R; Singh, J; Kapoor, R. C; Kariyappa, R
1988Observations of the Corona at the Eclipse of 1983 June 11. I. Temperature and Rotation of the Corona from 5303A and 6374A profilesSingh, J; Sivaraman, K. R; Rajamohan, R
1997Ultra-low Spatial Resolution Photometry in Near-infrared to Detect the Solar Dust RingSingh, J; Cowsik, R; Raju, K. P; Mohin, S; Ravi, K
1997Observation of Intensity Oscillations in Corona during the Total Solar Eclipse of October 24, 1995Singh, J
1986Solar Optical Observations from Kodaikanal and from EclipsesSingh, J
1988A new technique to study the variability of the SunSingh, J
Sep-1989Observing conditions for optical astronomy at LehSingh, J; Bhattacharyya, J. C; Babu, G. S. D; Ashoka, B. N; Appakutty, M; Rangarajan, K. E; Kutty, K. N; Moorthy, V; Selvakumar, G; Michael, P; Muniyandi, A; Gabriel, F
2002Spectroscopic Studies of the Solar Corona III. Density Diagnostics Using the Infrared Lines of Fe XIIISingh, J; Sakurai, Takashi; Ichimoto, K; Takeda, Aki