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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2017First results from light scattering enhancement factor over central Indian Himalayas during GVAX campaignDumka, U. C; Kaskaoutis, D. G; Sagar, R; Chen, J; Singh, N; Tiwari, S
Mar-2017A Global Prospective of the Indian Optical and Near-Infrared Observational Facilities in the Field of Astronomy and Astrophysics: A ReviewSagar, R
10-Jul-2016High - frequency vertical profiling of meteorological parameters using AMF1 facility during RAWEX – GVAX at ARIES, NainitalNaja, M; Bhardwaj, P; Singh, N; Phani Kumar; Rajesh Kumar; Ojha, N; Sagar, R; Satheesh, S. K; Krishna Moorthy, K; Kotamarthi, V. R
1-Dec-2016Star Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds-1: Parameterisation and Classification of 1072 Clusters in the LMCPrasanta Kumar Nayak; Subramaniam, A; Choudhury, Samyaday; Indu, G; Sagar, R
25-Aug-2017Scientific capabilities and advantages of the 3.6 meter optical telescope at Devasthal, UttarakhandOmar, A; Kumar, B; Maheswar, G; Sagar, R
25-Aug-2015ARIES, Nainital: a strategically important location for climate change studies in the Central Gangetic Himalayan regionSagar, R; Dumka, U. C; Naja, M; Singh, N; Phanikumar, D. V
Nov-2014Science at high-altitude sites of ARIES – astrophysics and atmospheric sciencesSagar, R; Naja, M; Maheswar, G; Srivastava, A. K
Apr-2018Determination of the size of the dust torus in H0507+164 through optical and infrared monitoringAmit Kumar; Rakshit, S; Kshama, S. K; Stalin, C. S; Mathew, B; Hoenig, Sebastian; Gandhi, Poshak; Sagar, R; Pandge, M. B
Apr-2018Scientific Summary of the First BINA WorkshopSagar, R
Aug-2018Star clusters in the magellanic clouds II. age-dating, classification, and spatio-temporal distribution of the SMC clustersPrasanta Kumar Nayak; Subramaniam, A; Choudhury, Samyaday; Sagar, R