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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Mar-2013Opto-thermal analysis of a lightweighted mirror for solar telescopeBanyal, R. K; Ravindra, B; Chatterjee, S
20-Aug-2013Intensity profile of light scattered from a rough surfaceChatterjee, S; Vani, V. C; Banyal, R. K
Jan-2014Filament Eruption in Association with Rotational Motion Near the Filament FootpointsSajal Kumar Dhara; Ravindra, B; Banyal, R. K
Sep-2014A laser-lock concept to reach cm-1s-precision in Doppler experiments with Fabry-Pérot wavelength calibratorsReiners, A; Banyal, R. K; Ulbrich, R. G
Jan-2016Fabry-Pérot based narrow band imager for solar filament observationsSajal Kumar Dhara; Ravindra, B; Banyal, R. K
Mar-2018Development of a Lunar Scintillometer as part of the national large optical telescope site surveySurendran, A; Parihar, P. S; Banyal, R. K; Anusha Kalyaan
Oct-2018Installation of solar chromospheric telescope at the Indian Astronomical Observatory, MerakRavindra, B; Prabhu, K; Thulasidharen, K. C; Rajalingam, M; Sagayanathan, K; Kamath, P. U; Dorjey, N; Angchuk, D; Kemkar, P. M. M; Dorjai, T; Banyal, R. K
Nov-2018Properties and occurrence rates for Kepler exoplanet candidates as a function of host star metallicity from the DR25 catalogNarang, Mayank; Manoj, P; Furlan, E; Mordasini, C; Henning, Thomas; Mathew, Blesson; Banyal, R. K; Sivarani, T
Jul-2018Estimation of asymmetries in point spread function for the echelle spectrograph operating at Vainu Bappu Telescope for high precision radial velocity studiesSireesha, C; Banyal, R. K; Sriram, S
Jul-2018Development of a stabilized Fabry-Perot based wavelength calibrator for precision Doppler spectroscopyTanya Das; Banyal, R. K; Kathiravan, S; Sivarani, T; Ravindra, B