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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2009Double radio peak and non-thermal collimated ejecta in RS Ophiuchi following the 2006 outburstEyres, S. P. S; O'Brien, T. J; Beswick, R; Muxlow, T. W. B; Anupama, G. C; Kantharia, N. G; Bode, M. F; Gawroński, M. P; Feiler, R; Evans, A; Rushton, M. T; Davis, R. J; Prabhu, T; Porcas, R; Hassall, B. J. M
2002The parent population of novae in the large magellanic cloudSubramaniam, A; Anupama, G. C
Sep-1989The 1985 outburst of RS Ophiuchi - Spectroscopic resultsAnupama, G. C; Prabhu, T. P
Nov-2009Optical and x-ray observations of M31N 2007-12b: an extragalactic recurrent nova with a detected progenitor?Bode, M. F; Darnley, M. J; Shafter, A. W; Page, K. L; Smirnova, O; Anupama, G. C; Hilton, T
Nov-2012An H I shell-like structure associated with nova V458 Vulpeculae?Nirupam Roy; Kantharia, N. G; Eyres, S. P. S; Anupama, G. C; Bode, M. F; Prabhu, T. P; O'Brien, T. J
Nov-2013The 2010 outburst and pre-outburst optical spectrum of the recurrent nova U ScorpiiAnupama, G. C; Kamath, U. S; Ramaprakash, A. N; Kantharia, N. G; Hegde, M; Mohan, V; Kulkarni, M; Bode, M. F; Eyres, S. P. S; Evans, A; O Brien, T. J
Nov-1990Studies of Classical and Recurrent NovaeAnupama, G. C
Dec-2016Explosive and radio-selected transients: transient astronomy with square kilometre array and its precursorsChandra, P; Anupama, G. C; Arun, K. G; Iyyani, S; Misra, K; Narasimha, D; Ray, A; Resmi, L; Roy, S; Sutaria, F. K
Mar-2018Optical spectroscopy of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi – from the outburst of 2006 to quiescenceMondal, Anindita; Anupama, G. C; Kamath, U. S; Das, Ramkrishna; Selvakumar, G; Mondal, Soumen