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Title: Polarization and electron densities in the solar corona of 1980 February 16
Authors: Raju, A. K
Abhyankar, K. D
Keywords: Solar Corona;Polarization;Electron densities
Issue Date: Dec-1986
Publisher: Astronomical Society of Indian
Citation: BASI, Vol. 14, No. 4, pp. 217-228
Abstract: Blue and red photographs of the solar corona obtained on February 16, 1980 with the Japal-Rangapur Observatory double polarigraph are analyzed, and calculations for the degree of polarization and the angle of the magnetic vector are presented. The polarization is shown to be primarily radial, with high polarization being observed in certain regions exhibiting high coronal activity. It is found that the mean variation of the intensity of the K corona with limb distance is identical in both colors, and that the F corona is redder throughout. Average temperature variations derived from the observed mean density gradient are in agreement with Newkirk's (1961) model in the inner region.
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