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dc.contributor.authorRaj, A-
dc.contributor.authorDas, R. K-
dc.contributor.authorWalter, F. M.-
dc.identifier.citationThe Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 835, No. 2, 274en_US
dc.descriptionRestricted Accessen_US
dc.description.abstractWe present optical spectrophotometric and near-infrared (NIR) photometric observations of the nova V2676 Oph covering the period from 2012 March 29 through 2015 May 8. The optical spectra and photometry of the nova have been taken from SMARTS and Asiago; the NIR photometry was obtained from SMARTS and Mt. Abu. The spectra were dominated by strong H i lines from the Balmer series, Fe ii, N i, and [O i] lines in the initial days, typical of an Fe ii type nova. The measured FWHM for the Hβ and Hα lines was 800–1200 km s−1. There was pronounced dust formation starting 90 days after the outburst. The J − K color was the largest among recent dust-forming novae.en_US
dc.publisherIOP Publishingen_US
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dc.subjectInfrared: starsen_US
dc.subjectLine: identificationen_US
dc.subjectNovae, cataclysmic variablesen_US
dc.subjectStars: individual ( V2676 Oph )en_US
dc.subjectTechniques: spectroscopicen_US
dc.titleOptical and Near-infrared Study of Nova V2676 Oph 2012en_US
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