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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2017Structural analysis of star-forming blue early-type galaxies Merger-driven star formation in elliptical galaxiesGeorge, K
1-Feb-2017Dynamics of Subarcsecond Bright Dots in the Transition Region above Sunspots and Their Relation to Penumbral Micro-jetsSamanta, T; Tian, H; Banerjee, D; Schanche, N
10-Jan-2017Unravelling the Components of a Multi-Thermal Coronal Loop Using Magnetohydrodynamic SeismologyPrasad, S. K; Jess, D. B; Klimchuk, J. A; Banerjee, D
Jan-2017Successive injection of opposite magnetic helicity in solar active region NOAA 11928Vemareddy, P; Demoulin, P
1-Feb-2017Association of Plages with Sunspots: A Multi-Wavelength Study Using Kodaikanal Ca ii K and Greenwich Sunspot Area DataMandal, Sudip; Chatterjee, Subhamoy; Banerjee, D
13-Feb-2017Improved virtual orbitals in state specific multireference perturbation theory for prototypes of quasidegenerate electronic structureSinha Ray, Suvonil; Ghosh, Pradipta; Chaudhuri, R. K; Chattopadhyay, S
20-Apr-2017SPIRITS: Uncovering Unusual Infrared Transients with SpitzerKasliwal, M. M; Bally, J; Masci, F; Cody, Ann Marie; Bond, H. E; Jencson, Jacob E; Tinyanont, S; Cao, Y; Contreras, C; Dykhoff, Devin A; Amodeo, Samuel; Armus, L; Boyer, Martha; Cantiello, Matteo; Carlon, Robert L; Cass, Alexander C; Cook, David; Corgan, David T; Faella, Joseph; Fox, O. D; Green, Wayne; Gehrz, R. D; Helou, G; Hsiao, Eric; Johansson, J; Khan, Rubab M; Lau, Ryan M; Langer, Norbert; Levesque, Emily; Milne, Peter; Mohamed, Shazrene; Morrell, N; Monson, Andy; Moore, Anna; Ofek, E. O; O' Sullivan, Donal; Parthasarathy, M; Perez, Andres; Perley, D. A; Phillips, Mark; Prince, Thomas A; Shenoy, Dinesh; Smith, Nathan; Surace, J; Van Dyk, Schuyler D; Whitelock, P. A; Williams, Robert
Apr-2017Astronomical site survey report on dust measurement, wind profile, optical turbulence, and their correlation with seeing over IAO-HanleShantikumar, N. S; Kathiravan, S; Parihar, P. S; Larson, E. J. L; Sharika Mohanan; Angchuk, D; Jorphel, Sonam; Rangarajan, K. E; Prabhu, K
Apr-2017A Catalog of Narrow Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 12Rakshit, S; Stalin, C. S; Chand, H; Zhang, Xue-Guang
Mar-2017Short-Term Hα Line Variations in Classical Be Stars: 59 Cyg and OT GemPaul, K. T; Shruthi, S. B; Subramaniam, A