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dc.contributor.authorGiridhar, S-
dc.contributor.authorLambert, D. L-
dc.contributor.authorGonzalez, G-
dc.identifier.citationThe Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Vol. 112,No. 778, pp. 1559 - 1566en
dc.description.abstractChemical compositions are derived from high-resolution spectra for five field SRd variables. These supergiants not previously analyzed are shown to be metal poor: KK Aql with [Fe/H]=-1.2, AG Aur with [Fe/H]=-1.8, Z Aur with [Fe/H]=-1.4, W LMi with [Fe/H]=-1.1, and WW Tau with [Fe/H]=-1.1. Their compositions are, except for two anomalies, identical to within the measurement errors to the compositions of subdwarfs, subgiants, and less evolved giants of the same [Fe/H]. One anomaly is an s-process enrichment for KK Aql, the first such enrichment reported for an SRd variable. The second and more remarkable anomaly is a strong lithium enrichment for W LMi, also a first for field SRd variables. The Li I λ6707 profile is not simply that of a photospheric line but includes strong absorption from redshifted gas, suggesting, perhaps, that lithium enrichment results from accretion of Li-rich gas. This potential clue to lithium enrichment is discussed in light of various proposals for lithium synthesis in evolved stars.en
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dc.publisherThe Astronomical Society of the Pacificen
dc.subjectStars: Abundancesen
dc.subjectStars: Variables: Otheren
dc.subjectStars: AGB and Post-AGBen
dc.titleThe Chemical Compositions of the SRD Variable Stars. III. KK Aquilae, AG Aurigae, Z Aurigae, W Leo Minoris, and WW Taurien
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