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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Gamma ray production in SNR's -contribution from photomeson processBhattacharya, S; Kaul, R. K; Kaul, C. L; Bhat, C. L
1999Hint of a galactic origin for a sub-population of extremely short and hard cosmic gamma-ray burstsShanthi, K; Rao, A. R; Bhat, C. L; Vahia, M. N
1999Millisecond pulsars as VHE gamma-ray sourcesKaul, R. K; Kaul, C. L; Bhat, C. L
1999Sensitivity and energy resolution estimates of the TACTIC gamma-ray telescope - Inputs from simulation studies (II)Koul, M. K; Rannot, R. C; Sapru, M. L; Sathyabama, N; Bhat, C. L; Tickoo, A. K; Razdan, A. K; Gandhi, V. N
1999Threshold energy estimates of TACTIC gamma-ray telescope array-Inputs for simulations studies (I)Sathyabama, N; Sapru, M. L; Bhat, C. L; Rannot, R. C; Razdan, A. K; Tickoo, A. K; Koul, M. K; Gandhi, V. N
1999Development of a large-area, wide-angle Cerenkov radiation detector for the MYSTIQUE gamma-ray telescopeDhar, V. K; Yadav, K. K; Bhattacharyya, S; Kaul, R. K; Bhat, C. L; Koul, R; Kaul, S. R; Kaul, S. K
1999Ground-based detection of cosmic gamma-ray bursts through atmospheric scintillation technique - A feasibility studyBhat, C. L; Tickoo, A. K; Koul, R; Dhar, V. K; Shanthi, K
1999Simulation and experimental studies of polarization properties of atmospheric Cerenkov pulsesBhat, C. L; Rannot, R. C; Mohapatra, D. K; Gandhi, V. N; Tickoo, A. K; Kaul, R; Kaul, S. K; Kaul, S. R; Goyal, H. C; Bhatt, N
2000Gamma ray astronomy : New Indian initiativesBhat, C. L
1998Coordinated optical and gamma-ray observations of cataclymic variablesBhat, C. L; Kaul, R. K; Kaul, C. L