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dc.contributor.authorSingh, K. P-
dc.contributor.authorBhat, P. N-
dc.contributor.authorPrabhu, T. P-
dc.contributor.authorKembhavi, A. K-
dc.identifier.citationA&A, Vol. 302, No. 1, pp. 658 - 664en
dc.description.abstractWe report imaging observations of Hα+[N II] nebulosities in seven early type galaxies viz., NGC 1399, NGC 1600, NGC 2563, NGC 4203, NGC 4636, NGC 4753 and NGC 5044. These are primarily X-ray bright galaxies which are the dominant members of nearby groups. Many of these galaxies have X-ray cooling flows. The results are based on CCD surface photometry carried out using a broad-band filter R, and a narrow band filter appropriate for the red-shifted Hα+[N II] emission. We present the integrated Hα luminosities in these galaxies and examine various emission mechanisms. The observed Hα luminosity implies a mass of ~10^5^Msun_ in the ionized gas. We suggest that photo-ionization by young stars is a viable emission mechanism and star formation due to accretion events or mergers may be common in these galaxies.en
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dc.subjectGalaxies: Elliptical And Lenticularen
dc.subjectCooling Flowsen
dc.titleDistribution of ionized gas in X-ray bright early-type galaxies.en
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