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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2006R Coronae Borealis at the 2003 light minimumKameswara Rao, N; Lambert, D. L; Shetrone, M. D
Mar-1994The R Coronae Borealis stars - A few mere factsLambert, D. L; Kameswara Rao, N
Jan-2000The R Coronae Borealis stars - atmospheres and abundancesAsplund, M; Gustafsson, B; Lambert, D. L; Kameswara Rao, N
Dec-2004R Coronae Borealis stars at minimum light - UW CenKameswara Rao, N; Reddy, B. E; Lambert, D. L
Sep-2004The R Coronae Borealis stars: carbon abundances from forbidden carbon linesPandey, G; Lambert, D. L; Kameswara Rao, N; Gustafsson, B; Ryde, N; Yong, D
Apr-1983The r- and s-process nuclei in the early history of the galaxy - HD 122563Sneden, C; Parthasarathy, M
10-Jan-1990R. LI. Jones-C. V. Raman's physics professor at presidency college MadrasKochhar, R. K
2009The RACE-OC project: Rotation and ACtivity Evolution in Open ClustersMessina, S; Distefano, E; Parihar, P. S; Busa, I; Cutispoto, G; Lanza, A.F; Lanzafame, A; Pagano, I; Biazzo, K; Leto, G; Hatzidimitriou, D; Kim, S. -L; Koo, J. -R; Kang, Y. B
Apr-2010RACE-OC project: rotation and variability in the open cluster M 11 (NGC 6705)Messina, S; Parihar, P. S; Koo, J. R; Kim, S. L; Rey, S. C; Lee, C. U
May-2008RACE-OC project: rotation and variability in the open cluster NGC 2099 (M 37)Messina, S; Distefano, E; Parihar, P. S; Kang, Y. B; Kim, S. -L; Rey, S. -C; Lee, C. -U
2020Radial distribution of Blue Stragglers in NGC 5466 using AstroSatSnehalata, Sahu; Subramaniam, A
Jun-1989Radial distribution of the integrated light and photometric colours in open star clustersSagar, R; Bhatt, H. C
Feb-1998Radial modes of rotating neutron stars in the Chandrasekhar-Friedman formalismDatta, B; Hasan, S. S; Sahu, P. K; Prasanna, A. R
Mar-1909Radial movement in Sun-spotsEvershed, John
1909Radial movement in Sun-spotsEvershed, John
Jan-1910Radial movement in Sun-spots (Second Paper)Evershed, John
3-Feb-1909Radial movement in SunspotsEvershed, John
Sep-1975Radial Velocities of 19 G, K-, and M-type StarsSarma, M. B. K
1978Radial velocities of seven Sersic galaxiesPrabhu, T. P
Oct-2018Radial velocity comparison of Gaia DR2 and RAVE DR5 survey: A systematic offset in radial velocities among a group of highly accurate radial velocity starsDeepak; Reddy, B. E