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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2009Depth estimation of the large and small magellanic cloudsSubramanian, S; Subramaniam, A
Jan-2015Disk of the small magellanic cloud as traced by CepheidsSubramanian, S; Subramaniam, A
Oct-2010An estimate of the structural parameters of the Large Magellanic Cloud using red clump starsSubramanian, S; Subramaniam, A
Jun-2013Generation of a Near Infra-Red Guide Star Catalog for Thirty-Meter Telescope ObservationsSubramanian, S; Subramaniam, A; Simard, L; Gillies, K; Ramaprakash, A. N; Anupama, G. C; Stalin, C. S; Ravindranath, S; Reddy, B. E
2010Internal and foreground reddening maps of the Magellanic CloudsSubramaniam, A; Subramanian, S
21-Jan-2016Investigating AGN black hole masses and the MBH–σe relation for low surface brightness galaxiesSubramanian, S; Ramya, S; Mousumi Das; George, K; Sivarani, T; Prabhu, T. P
Mar-2009Line of sight depth of the large and small magellanic cloudsSubramaniam, A; Subramanian, S
Sep-2009The mysterious bar of the large magellanic cloud: what is it?Subramaniam, A; Subramanian, S
Jan-2013Nature of quiet Sun oscillations using data from the hinode, TRACE, and SOHO spacecraftGupta, G. R; Subramanian, S; Banerjee, D; Madjarska, M. S; Doyle, J. G
Sep-2016A road map for the generation of a near-infrared guide star catalog for thirty meter telescope observationsSubramanian, S; Subramaniam, S; Sivarani, T; Simard, Luc; Anupama, G. C; Gillies, Gim; Ramaprakash, A. N; Reddy, B. E
Aug-2009RR Lyrae stars in the inner LMC: Where did they form?Subramaniam, A; Subramanian, S
2015The search for binary black holes in Seyferts with double peaked emission linesKharb, P; Mousumi Das; Subramanian, S; Paragi, Z
2013Stellar populations in the magellanic cloudsSubramanian, S; Subramaniam, A
Apr-2013Structure of the Large Magellanic Cloud from near infrared magnitudes of red clump starsSubramanian, S; Subramaniam, A
10-Jan-2012The Three-dimensional Structure of the Small Magellanic CloudSubramanian, S; Subramaniam, A
1-Feb-2015VLBI imaging of the double peaked emission line seyfert KISSR 1494Kharb, P; Mousumi Das; Paragi, Z; Subramanian, S; Pradeep Chitta, L
21-Jan-2015The VMC survey – XIII. type II cepheids in the large magellanic cloudRipepi, V; Moretti, M. I; Marconi, M; Clementini, G; Cioni, M. -R. L; de Grijs, R; Emerson, J. P; Groenewegen, M. A. T; Ivanov, V. D; Muraveva, T; Piatti, A. E; Subramanian, S
1-May-2015The VMC survey – XIV. First results on the look-back time star formation rate tomography of the small magellanic cloudRubele, S; Girardi, L; Kerber, L; Cioni, Maria-Rosa. L; Piatti, A. E; Zaggia, S; Bekki, K; Bressan, A; Clementini, G; de Grijs, R; Emerson, J. P; Groenewegen, M. A. T; Ivanov, V. D; Marconi, M; Marigo, P; Moretti, Maria-Ida; Ripepi, V; Subramanian, S; Tatton, B. L; Van Loon, J. T