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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
199026 Al Readioactive decay and gamma ray backgroundSivaram, C
1995Acceleration of highest energy (>10/sup 20 eV) cosmic rays by superconducting cosmic stringsSivaram, C
3-Oct-2006Alternative biochemistries for life on earthSivaram, C
Mar-1986The angular momentum of the asteroidsSivaram, C
1990Antiproton production in cosmic rays: A comparison of photino and quark modelsSivaram, C; Krishnan, V; de Sabbata, V; Yellappa, Y
Oct-1992Anyons and torsionde Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C
9-Dec-2008Are we talking moonshine?Sivaram, C
Jan-1983Astrophysical consequences of barytinosSivaram, C
Jun-1984Astrophysical consequences of n-nmacr oscillations - (Reply)Sivaram, C; Krishan, V
Oct-1982Astrophysical consequences of neutron-antineutron oscillationsKrishan, V; Sivaram, C
Feb-1993Astrophysical limits on gauge invariance breaking in electrodynamics with torsionSivaram, C; de Andrade, L. C. G
Sep-1989Astrophysical Limits on the Neutrino Electric ChargeSivaram, C
Mar-1982Asymmetric lepton production in a universe with non-zero baryon numberSivaram, C
Dec-1987At what energy does gravity unite with grand unified theories in the early universe?Sivaram, C
2004Black hole entropy: some skin deep subtleties sans stringsSivaram, C
Feb-2001Black Hole Hawking Radiation May Never Be Observed!Sivaram, C
Mar-2009Black holes and the LHCSivaram, C
1994A Born-Infeld Type of Modification of General Relativity with Maximal Curvaturede Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C; Wang, D. X
Jan-2009A Brief History of Dark EnergySivaram, C
31-May-2011Celebrating mariner's magicSivaram, C