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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2016Amplitude of solar wind density turbulence from 10 to 45 R ⊙Sasikumar Raja, K; Ingale, M; Ramesh, R; Subramanian, P; Manoharan, P. K; Janardhan, P
26-Aug-2019Automated detection of solar radio bursts using a statistical methodSingh, Dayal; Sasikumar Raja, K; Subramanian, Prasad; Ramesh, R; Monstein, Christian
Jul-2013Design and Performance of a Low-Frequency Cross-Polarized Log-Periodic Dipole AntennaSasikumar Raja, K; Kathiravan, C; Ramesh, R; Rajalingam, M; Barve, Indrajit V
Jul-2010Development of an antenna system to observe the circularly polarized radio emission from the solar corona at low frequenciesSasikumar Raja, K
10-Feb-2019Dissipation scale lengths of solar wind turbulenceSasikumar Raja, K; Subramanian, P; Ingale, M; Ramesh, R
20-Nov-2014An estimate of the magnetic field strength associated with a solar coronal mass ejection from low frequency radio observationsSasikumar Raja, K; Ramesh, R; Hariharan, K; Kathiravan, C; Wang, T. J
20-Sep-2013Low-frequency Observations of Transient Quasi-periodic Radio Emission from the Solar AtmosphereSasikumar Raja, K; Ramesh, R
10-Jan-2013Low-frequency radio observations of picoflare category energy releases in the solar atmosphereRamesh, R; Sasikumar Raja, K; Kathiravan, C; Satya Narayanan, A
Oct-2014Radio polarization studies of the solar corona at low requenciesSasikumar Raja, K
1-Dec-2017Turbulent Density Fluctuations and Proton Heating Rate in the Solar Wind from 9–20 R ⊙Sasikumar Raja, K; Subramanian, P; Ramesh, R; Vourlidas, Angelos; Ingale, M