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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Ardaseer Cursetjee (1808 - 77), the first Indian fellow of the royal society of LondonKochhar, R. K
25-Jan-1991Astronomy in British India:Science in the service of the stateKochhar, R. K
Nov-1977A classification scheme for pulsarsKochhar, R. K
Aug-1984Comments on `the white dwarf collapse in low mass binary systems'Shylaja, B. S; Kochhar, R. K
Jul-1984A correlation between ellipticity and core-strength in extended radio galaxiesPrabhu, T. P; Kochhar, R. K
15-Apr-1993The Density Structure of a Galaxy Influenced by a Massive CompanionNamboodiri, P. M. S; Kochhar, R. K
1987The Dynamical Evolution of a Star ClusterSunder, G. S; Kochhar, R. K
Nov-1990Energy and angular momentum transfer in binary galaxiesNamboodiri, P. M. S; Kochhar, R. K
Feb-1989Energy exchange during collision of a pair of disc-sphere galaxiesNamboodiri, P. M. S; Kochhar, R. K
Apr-1991French astronomers in India during the 17th - 19th centuriesKochhar, R. K
Jun-1995Galaxy dynamics with small computers: Some results on tidal interactions.Kochhar, R. K; Namboodiri, P. M. S
1991The growth of modern astronomy in India, 1651-1960Kochhar, R. K
10-May-1990Historical notesKochhar, R. K
Jan-1994Indian Institute of AstrophysicsKochhar, R. K
Nov-1986Indian Institute of AstrophysicsKochhar, R. K
1987Indian Institute of Astrophysics: FacilitiesPrabhu, T. P; Kochhar, R. K
Jul-1986Leh: a high altitude site survey observatoryKochhar, R. K
Sep-1985Madras Observatory: buildings and instrumentsKochhar, R. K
Jun-1985Madras Observatory: The BeginningKochhar, R. K
Jan-1984A model for the millisecond pulsar PSR 1937 + 214Kochhar, R. K; Sivaram, C