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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Sep-2014Polar Network Index as a Magnetic Proxy for the Solar Cycle StudiesPriyal, M; Banerjee, D; Karak, B. B; Munoz-Jaramillo, A; Ravindra, B; Choudhuri, A. R; Singh, J
10-Sep-2016Polarized Line Formation with Lower-level Polarization and Partial Frequency RedistributionSupriya, H. D; Sampoorna, M; Nagendra, K. N; Stenflo, J. O; Ravindra, B
20-Nov-2017Prominence Eruption Initiated by Helical Kink Instability of an Embedded Flux RopeVemareddy, P; Gopalswamy, N; Ravindra, B
20-Jun-2012Properties of umbral dots from stray light corrected hinode filtergramsLouis, R. E; Mathew, S. K; Bellot Rubio, L. R; Kiyoshi, I; Ravindra, B; Raja Bayanna, A
11-Feb-2013Quantum interference with angle-dependent partial frequency redistribution: solution of the polarized line transfer in the non-magnetic caseSupriya, H. D; Smitha, H. N; Nagendra, K. N; Ravindra, B; Sampoorna, M
2003Quiet Sun Chromospheric Network Magnetic FieldRavindra, B
Mar-2012Rapid disappearance of penumbra-like features near a flaring polarity inversion line: the hinode observationsRavindra, B; Gosain, S
May-2018Recurring coronal holes and their rotation rates during the solar cycles 22-24Prabhu, K; Ravindra, B; Hegde, M; Doddamani, V. H
Mar-2015The relationship between solar coronal X-ray brightness and active region magnetic fields: a study using high-resolution Hinode observationsHazra, S; Nandy, D; Ravindra, B
10-May-2014Separable solutions of force-free spheres and applications to solar active regionsAvijeet Prasad; Mangalam, A; Ravindra, B
2012Solar G-band observations at Merak, Leh/LadakhVasantharaju, N; Dorjey, N; Ravindra, B; Prabhu, K; Rangarajan, K. E; Prabhu Ramkumar, B; Sankarasubramanian, K
Nov-2018Solar spectropolarimetry of Ca II 8542 Å line: polarimeter development, calibration, and preliminary observationsHemanth, P; Nagaraju, K; Ravindra, B; Ramesh, K. B
10-Jun-2018Statistical Study of Magnetic Nonpotential Measures in Confined and Eruptive FlaresVasantharaju, N; Vemareddy, P; Ravindra, B; Doddamani, V. H
Feb-2018Study of long-term variations in hemispheric asymmetry of solar activityRavindra, B; Javaraiah, J
1-Sep-2014Study of Meridional Flow Using Ca-K Line Profiles during Solar Cycles 22 and 23Sindhuja, G; Singh, J; Ravindra, B
20-Sep-2016Sunspot Rotation as a Driver of Major Solar Eruptions in the NOAA Active Region 12158Vemareddy, P; Cheng, X; Ravindra, B
Aug-2011Thermal characteristics of a classical solar telescope primary mirrorBanyal, R. K; Ravindra, B
Sep-2013Transit of Venus on 2012 June 06: stray light estimation and restoration of Ca-K images of Twin Telescope from Kodaikanal ObservatoryPrabhu, K; Rangarajan, K. E; Ravindra, B; Sankarasubramanian, K; Selvendran, R; Kumaravel, P
Oct-2017Trigger of Successive Filament Eruptions Observed by SDO and STEREODhara, Sajal Kumar; Ravindra, B; Kumar, Pankaj; Banyal, R. K; Mathew, S. K; Joshi, B
Dec-2015Triggering an eruptive flare by emerging flux in a solar active-region complexLouis, R. E; Kliem, B; Ravindra, B; Chintzoglou, G