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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2007Gauribidanur radio array solar spectrograph (GRASS)Ebenezer, E; Subramanian, K. R; Ramesh, R; Sundararajan, M. S; Kathiravan, C
Aug-1998The Gauribidanur RadioheliographRamesh, R; Subramanian, K. R; Sundararajan, M. S; Sastry, Ch. V
2004Global sausage and kink modes in coronal loopsAnasooya Ashok; Satya Narayanan, A; Ramesh, R; Kathiravan, C
Sep-2000The Halo CME Event Of 23 October 1997 - Low-Frequency Radio Observations Of The Pre-Event CoronaRamesh, R
10-Jan-2012High Angular Resolution Radio Observations of a Coronal Mass Ejection Source Region at Low Frequencies during a Solar EclipseRamesh, R; Kathiravan, C; Barve, Indrajit V; Rajalingam, M
2000High Angular Resolution Radio Observations of the Outer Solar CoronaRamesh, R; Subramanian, K. R; Sastry, Ch. V
Feb-2016High dynamic range observations of solar coronal transients at low radio frequencies with a spectro-correlatorHariharan, K; Ramesh, R; Kathiravan, C; Abhilash, H. N; Rajalingam, M
Jul-2005Identification of the Source Region of a ``Halo'' Coronal Mass Ejection Using Meter-Wavelength Radio DataKathiravan, C; Ramesh, R
Sep-2002Interfacial hydromagnetic waves with shear and inclined magnetic fieldsSatya Narayanan, A; Ramesh, R
Dec-2004Kink oscillations in the solar coronaSatya Narayanan, A; Ramesh, R; Kathiravan, C; Ebenezer, E
20-Jun-2012The location of solar metric type ii radio bursts with respect to the associated coronal mass ejectionsRamesh, R; Anna Lakshmi, M; Kathiravan, C; Gopalswamy, N; Umapathy, S
Oct-1999Long-Wavelength Observations of Jets from Polar Regions of the SunRamesh, R
2003A low cost steerable radio-telescopeSawant, H. S; Neri, J. A. C. F; Fernandes, F. C. R; Cecatto, J. R; Sankararaman, M. R; Faria, C; Stephany, S; Rosa, R. R; Andrade, M. C; Alonso, E. M. B; Ludke, E; Subramanian, K. R; Ramesh, R; Sundararajan, M. S; Ananthakrishnan, S; Swarup, G; Boas, J. W. V; Botti, L. C. L; Moron, C. E; Saito, J. H
2005Low frequency (30-110 MHz) radio imaging observations of solar coronal mass ejectionsRamesh, R
Dec-2005Low frequency (< 100 MHz) thermal radio emission from the solar corona and the effect of radial magnetic fieldRamesh, R; Sastry, Ch. V
Dec-2000Low Frequency Radio Emission from the 'Quiet Sun'Ramesh, R
Oct-1999Low frequency radio observations of the solar corona prior to the onset of a mass ejection eventRamesh, R; Subramanian, K. R; Sastry, Ch. V
2011Low frequency solar radio astronomy at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA)Ramesh, R
Dec-2008A low-frequency (30-110 MHz) Antenna system for observations of polarized radio emission from the solar coronaRamesh, R; Kathiravan, C; Sundararajan, M. S; Barve, Indrajit V; Sastry, Ch. V
20-Nov-2013Low-Frequency Observations of Drifting, Non-Thermal Continuum Radio Emission Associated With the Solar Coronal Mass EjectionsRamesh, R; Kishore, P; Mulay, S. M; Barve, Indrajit V; Kathiravan, C; Wang, T. J