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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001The Hanle Effect with Angle Dependent Redistribution FunctionsFrisch, H; Faurobert, M; Nagendra, K. N
Nov-2002Hanle effect with angle-dependent partial redistributionNagendra, K. N; Frisch, H; Faurobert, M
Sep-2008The Hanle effect with partial frequency redistribution. Construction of a frequency-dependent polarization matrix and numerical solution by a PALI methodSampoorna, M; Nagendra, K. N; Frisch, H
Jul-2007Hanle-Zeeman Redistribution Matrix. I. Classical Theory Expressions in the Laboratory FrameSampoorna, M; Nagendra, K. N; Stenflo, J. O
Dec-2007Hanle-Zeeman Redistribution Matrix. II. Comparison of Classical and Quantum Electrodynamic ApproachesSampoorna, M; Nagendra, K. N; Stenflo, J. O
May-2008Hanle-Zeeman Redistribution Matrix. III. Solution of the Polarized Line Formation ProblemSampoorna, M; Nagendra, K. N; Stenflo, J. O
1-Jun-2017Hanle-Zeeman Scattering Matrix for Magnetic Dipole TransitionsMegha, A; Sampoorna, M; Nagendra, K. N; Sankarasubramanian, K
1-Apr-2017Importance of Cross-redistribution in Scattering Polarization of Spectral Lines: The Cases of 3P-3S Triplets of Mg i and Ca iSampoorna, M; Nagendra, K. N
Oct-2014Intrinsically Polarized Blend LinesSowmya, K; Nagendra, K. N; Sampoorna, M
May-2012J-state interference signatures in the second solar spectrum. Modeling the Cr I triplet at 5204-5208Smitha, H. N; Nagendra, K. N; Stenflo, J. O; Bianda, M; Sampoorna, M; Ramelli, R; Anusha, L. S
20-Jun-2013Line-Interlocking Effects on Polarization In Spectral Lines By Rayleigh And Raman ScatteringSampoorna, M; Nagendra, K. N; Stenflo, J. O
Apr-2011Linear Polarization of the Solar Ca I 4227 Å Line: Modeling with Radiative Transfer and Last Scattering ApproximationAnusha, L. S; Stenflo, J. O; Frisch, H; Bianda, M; Holzreuter, R; Nagendra, K. N; Sampoorna, M; Ramelli, R
1980Lines Formed in Slowly Expanding Thin Spherical ShellPeraiah, A; Raghunath, G; Nagendra, K. N
1990A Model for the Extended Dust Shell around the Supergiant R Coronae BorealisNagendra, K. N; Leung, C. M
Oct-2015Modeling the center-to-limb variation of the Ca i 4227 Å line using FCHHT modelsSupriya, H. D; Smitha, H. N; Nagendra, K. N; Stenflo, J. O; Bianda, M; Ravindra, B; Ramelli, R; Anusha, L. S
10-May-2013Modeling the Quantum Interference Signatures of the Ba II D2 4554 Å Line in the Second Solar spectrumSmitha, H. N; Nagendra, K. N; Stenflo, J. O; Sampoorna, M
Aug-1996Models of highly extended dust shells around R Coronae BorealisNagendra, K. N; Leung, C. M
1990Models of Highly Extended Dust Shells Around the Supergiants R Coronae Borealis and W HydraeNagendra, K. N; Leung, C. M
Oct-2014Multi-Dimensional Polarized Radiative Transfer: Methods and Solar ApplicationsAnusha, L. S; Nagendra, K. N
20-Apr-2013Multi-dimensional Radiative Transfer to Analyze Hanle Effect in Ca II K Line at 3933 ÅAnusha, L. S; Nagendra, K. N