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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Nov-2016Constraining the solar coronal magnetic field strength using split-band type ii radio burst observationsKishore, P; Ramesh, R; Hariharan, K; Kathiravan, C; Gopalswamy, N
Jul-2012Design of a Circularly Polarized Antenna System for Low Frequency Radio Astronomical ObservationsHariharan, K
1-Nov-2014An Estimate of the Coronal Magnetic Field near a Solar Coronal Mass Ejection from Low-frequency Radio ObservationsHariharan, K; Ramesh, R; Kishore, P; Kathiravan, C; Gopalswamy, N
20-Nov-2014An estimate of the magnetic field strength associated with a solar coronal mass ejection from low frequency radio observationsSasikumar Raja, K; Ramesh, R; Hariharan, K; Kathiravan, C; Wang, T. J
1-Mar-2018The First Low-frequency Radio Observations of the Solar Corona on ≈200 km Long Interferometer BaselineMugundhan, V; Ramesh, R; Kathiravan, C; Gireesh, G. V. S; Anshu Kumari; Hariharan, K; Barve, Indrajit V
Feb-2016High dynamic range observations of solar coronal transients at low radio frequencies with a spectro-correlatorHariharan, K; Ramesh, R; Kathiravan, C; Abhilash, H. N; Rajalingam, M
Sep-2015Observations of near-simultaneous split-band solar type-II radio bursts at low frequenciesHariharan, K; Ramesh, R; Kathiravan, C
May-2016Simultaneous near-sun observations of a moving type IV radio burst and the associated white-light coronal mass ejectionHariharan, K; Ramesh, R; Kathiravan, C; Wang, T. J
Apr-2017Solar Radio Observations At Low Frequencies With High Spectral And Temporal ResolutionHariharan, K
Nov-2017Solar Type IIIb Radio Bursts as Tracers for Electron Density Fluctuations in the CoronaMugundhan, V; Hariharan, K; Ramesh, R