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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1933A new method of using a spectrograph for solar rotation workEvershed, John
Dec-1929The normal wave-lenghs of the calcium lines H and K, and the relativity shift of these lines in the prominences and chromosphereEvershed, John
Dec-1931Note on an apparent increase in the equatorial rotation velocity of the SunEvershed, John
1914Note on radial movement in sun-spotsEvershed, John
1898Note on some results obtained with a small prismatic camera at the eclipse camp at TalniEvershed, John
Jan-1923Note on the corona of 1908Evershed, John
15-Sep-1910Note on the magnetic field in the sunspot of September 1909Evershed, John
Sep-1908Note on the wavelengh of Hδ and Hϵ in the solar spectrumEvershed, John
1938Note on the Zeeman effect in sunspot spectraEvershed, John
Oct-1936Notes on a liquid prism spectroheliographEvershed, John
Jun-1938Obituary: George Ellery HaleEvershed, John
22-Jun-1910Observations of Halley`s cometEvershed, John
May-1925On some measures of the solar rotation at different levels in the chromosphereEvershed, John
Jun-1913On some spectrographic measures of the solar rotation, made at the Kodaikanal observatoryEvershed, John; Royds, T
Jan-1911On the angular speed of rotation of a long enduring prominenceEvershed, John
4-Mar-1916On the change of wave-length of the iron lines in passing from the centre of the sun`s disc to the limbEvershed, John; Royds, T
Dec-1933On the detection of small doppler shifts in the spectrum of the reversing layerEvershed, John
1-Jun-1914On the displacements of the spectrum lines at the sun`s limbEvershed, John; Royds, T
May-1920On the displacements of the triplet bands near lamda3883 in the solar spectrumEvershed, John
18-Sep-1912On the presence of radium and the elements of the inactive group in the chromosphereEvershed, John