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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1959Annual wave in the world-wide F-region ionizationBhargava, B. N
1960Design and Performance of V.H.F. receiving equipment for reception of extremely weak signals of solar and Galactic origin in the metre wavelength regionBhargava, B. N; Jayarajan, A. P
Apr-1962F-region changes associated with the solar flare of 23 February 1956Bhargava, B. N; Subrahmanyan, R. V
Feb-1961Geomagnetic disturbance effects in equatorial EsBhargava, B. N; Subrahmanyan, R. V
Sep-1964Geomagnetic disturbances associated with equatorial electrojetBhargava, B. N; Subrahmanyan, R. V
1962The influence of disturbed conditions and increased solar activity on geomagnetic distortion of the equatorial inonospheric F2 regionBhargava, B. N; Subrahmanyan, R. V
Apr-1959Ionospheric disturbances associated with magnetic storms at KodaikanalBhargava, B. N; Gopala Rao, U. V
Jun-1963Lunar tidal effects in equatorial EsBhargava, B. N
1967Memoirs of the Kodaikanal Observatory, Volume II: An Atlas of Equatorial IonogramsBhargava, B. N; Saha, A. K
1960Movements in the F region of the Ionosphere during Solar EclipsesBhargava, B. N; Subrahmanyan, R. V
Dec-1952A new early-morning ionospheric phenomenonBhargava, B. N
1964A Note on the Equatorial ElectrojetBhargava, B. N
Jan-1958Observations of spread echoes from the F layer over Kodaikanal-A preliminary studyBhargava, B. N
1966A Proton Precession MagnetometerBhargava, B. N; Kasiviswanathan, G. A
Nov-1953Radio noise-bursts from solar M-regionsDas, A. K; Bhargava, B. N
1964Radio Star Scintillations in Equatorial RegionBhargava, B. N
Apr-1951A recording photoelectric photometerDas, A. K; Ananthakrishnan, R; Bhargava, B. N
Dec-1954Recurrence tendency of geomagnetic activity during the current sunspot minimumNaqvi, Ali. M; Bhargava, B. N
May-1965Seasonal and longitudinal F2-region anomalies in relation to occurrence of blanketing sporadic-EBhargava, B. N
Sep-1966Some features of geomagnetic sudden commencements following cosmic ray flaresBhargava, B. N; Subrahmanyan, R. V