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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1995The Influence of a Vertical Magnetic Field on Oscillations in an Isothermal Stratified Atmosphere. II.Banerjee, D; Hasan, S. S; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J
1998The influence of magnetic fields on radiative damping of magnetoatmospheric oscillationsBanerjee, D; Hasan, S. S; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J
1997The influence of radiative damping on the modes of a magnetized isothermal atmosphereBanerjee, D; Hasan, S. S; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J
Aug-2018The inner coronagraph on board ADITYA-L1 and automatic detection of CMEsBanerjee, D; Ritesh Patel; Pant, V; ADITYA Team
Nov-2009Intensity oscillation in the corona as observed during the Total Solar Eclipse of 29 March 2006Singh, J; Hasan, S. S; Gupta, G. R; Banerjee, D; Muneer, S; Raju, K. P; Bagare, S. P; Srinivasan, R
1-Jan-2016Interference of the running waves at light bridges of a sunspotSu, J. T; Ji, K. F; Banerjee, D; Cao, W. D; Priya, T. G; Zhao, J. S; Yu, S. J; Ji, H. S; Zhang, M
20-Oct-2009Jets in polar coronal holesScullion, E; Popescu, M. D; Banerjee, D; Doyle, J. G; Erdelyi, R
May-2017Kodaikanal digitized white-light data archive (1921–2011): Analysis of various solar cycle featuresMandal, Sudip; Hegde, M; Samanta, T; Hazra, G; Banerjee, D; Ravindra, B
10-Dec-2017Latitude Distribution of Sunspots: Analysis Using Sunspot Data and a Dynamo ModelMandal, Sudip; Karak, B. B; Banerjee, D
1-Nov-2017Long-term Study of the Solar Filaments from the Synoptic Maps as Derived from Hα Spectroheliograms of the Kodaikanal ObservatoryChatterjee, Subhamoy; Hegde, M; Banerjee, D; Ravindra, B
Feb-2018Long-term variation of sunspot penumbra to umbra area ratio: A study using Kodaikanal white-light Digitized DataBibhuti Kumar Jha; Mandal, Sudip; Banerjee, D
Feb-2006Magnetoacoustic wave propagation in off-limb polar regionsO'Shea, E; Banerjee, D; Doyle, J. G
Dec-1996Magnetohydrodynamic Phenomena in Solar AtmosphereBanerjee, D
Oct-2015MHD Seismology of a loop-like filament tube by observed kink wavesPant, V; Srivastava, A. K; Banerjee, D; Goossens, M; Chen, P.-F; Joshi, N. C; Zhou, Y.-H
2016MHD Waves in Coronal HolesBanerjee, D; Krishna Prasad, S
May-2006Multi-wavelength study of a high velocity event near a sunspotLin, C. -H; Banerjee, D; O`Shea, E; Doyle, J. G
25-Aug-2017National Large Solar TelescopeHasan, S. S; Banerjee, D; Ravindra, B; Sankarasubramanian, K; Rangarajan, K. E
Jan-2013Nature of quiet Sun oscillations using data from the hinode, TRACE, and SOHO spacecraftGupta, G. R; Subramanian, S; Banerjee, D; Madjarska, M. S; Doyle, J. G
May-2008Observational review on global wavesBanerjee, D
1-Feb-2016Observations of oppositely directed umbral wavefronts rotating in sunspots obtained from the New Solar Telescope of BBSOSu, J. T; Ji, K. F; Cao, W; Banerjee, D; Priya, T. G; Zhao, J. S; Bai, X. Y; Chen, J; Zhang, M; Ji, H. S