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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1998Antiquity of the vedic calendarAbhyankar, K. D
1993Astronomical significance to two Mohenjodaro sealsAbhyankar, K. D
Jan-1974BD-18° 3437, a new short period eclipsing binarySanwal, N. B; Sarma, M. B. K; Parthasarathy, M; Abhyankar, K. D
Jun-1984Correction for the observed intensity distribution in solar coronaAbhyankar, K. D; Subrahmanyam, P. V
Sep-1953Difference of temperature between pole and equator of the sunDas, A. K; Abhyankar, K. D
May-1955Equivalent widths of atomic lines in sunspot spectraAbhyankar, K. D; Ramanathan, A. S
Jun-1981Evolution and period changes in binary starsAbhyankar, K. D
1997Growth of the Centre of Advanced Study in Astronomy at the Osmania UniversityAbhyankar, K. D
Dec-1984H- and auxiliary functions for phase functions of the type p (Cos teta) = omega/sub0/ + omega/sub1/P/sub1/(Cos teta) + Omega/sub2/P/sub2/ (Cos teta)Bhatia, R. K; Abhyankar, K. D
Dec-1977Light Elements of TT HydraeKulkarni, A. G; Abhyankar, K. D
Dec-1982Light-time effect in AK Her and ER OriAbhyankar, K. D; Panchatsaram, T
Dec-1989The long period spectroscopic binary HR 1176Raghavender Rao, C; Abhyankar, K. D
Sep-1989The Moon Illusion and the Height of the SkyAbhyankar, K. D
Dec-1984Multiple Scattering and the dependence of the phase variation of equivalent widths on line profiles.Bhatia, R. K; Abhyankar, K. D
1990My encounter with AstronomyAbhyankar, K. D
Mar-1974Next Decade in the Study of Solar and Stellar AtmospheresAbhyankar, K. D
1995Non-conservative Rayleigh scattering in a finite atmosphere - II. Polarization in telluric linesMohan Rao, D; Rangarajan, K. E; Abhyankar, K. D
1994Non-conservative Rayleigh scattering in a finite atmosphere. I. Polarization of skylightRangarajan, K. E; Mohan Rao, D; Abhyankar, K. D
Feb-1960A note on the evolution of close binary systemsAbhyankar, K. D
1991On the mass-radius relation for neutron starsAbhyankar, K. D